Farmers Market haul

We went along to our local Farmer Markets on Saturday morning and bought up big in anticipation of breaking in our new dehydrator and continuing to give our new high-speed blender (a Powermill) a work out.

There was so much yumminess for sale and we essentially stopped only when we could carry no more (P had the little one to contend with as well)… Here’s what we came home with:

Freshly made tofu, broccoli, red capsicum, mushrooms, basil, big bunch of zucchinis, tomatoes, carrots, buk choy, baby spinach, cucumber, local olive oil, macadamia oil, 2 kgs pears, 2 kgs nectarines, 2 kgs bananas, peaches, green grapes, cherries, macadamia nuts, some bagels and some sour dough bread.

From the markets we went to our food co-op and picked up many more nuts & seeds, some miso, maple syrup, and some tempeh. It’s so exciting when the house is full of yummy food.

On Sunday we did our first batch of dehydrating – we tried out some carrot and beetroot chips, some nectarines, some tomatoes and we re-dried out some soaked nuts. The veggie chips and nuts went well. The nectarines and tomatoes have a little way to go (we set the timer to go off a little too early last night it would seem…). We also had a really yummy dinner, courtesy of another new kitchen implement (I may need an intervention soon!), and then an absolute disaster of a dessert. But they can both wait for another post…


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