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Another day, another smoothie


I’m having so much fun with smoothies at the moment. You know how I said that the banana-sesame one was my favourite. Well… I may just have another contender. I present to you the Mango-Strawberry Smoothie of Goodness:

What you’ll need:

  • One mango (just chop off all the flesh and chuck the rest)
  • a really good handful of strawberries (preferably frozen, but otherwise add a bit of ice to keep it cool)
  • a big handful of soaked nuts (we used macadamias, brazil, hazelnuts and cashews, but almonds are also really good)
  • 500 mls of water

Blend it all up together and then drink it! Yum. (Serves two – or one hungry person)


Banana, sesame & almond smoothie


One frozen banana, chopped into chucks

300 mls of fresh almond ‘milk’ (or a handful of almonds and 250mls of water)

1 tsp date paste (or 2 pitted dates, chopped up)

1 heaped tsp of raw tahini

a few ice cubes

Blend the ingredients until smooth and drink. Serves one.

A good monday


Usually I find Mondays a bit of a trial. However, today was a good one.

I started the day with my new favourite smoothie: banana, sesame & almond (recipe to follow). It is so creamy and filing. I am currently in love with it.

Today was the little one’s third day of preschool. Last week I was too nervous about the whole thing to take photos or think about much at all really. In fact, I couldn’t concentrate on anything at all and ended up going to the gym to pass the time until I could go and collect her. Today, however, I felt relaxed. Luckily for all of us she absolutely loves her new preschool and was eager to hop in the bike carrier and head off for the day. Here is the lunch that I sent her off with:

What you see is half a mini-quiche (recipe to follow); some red capsicum, a cherry tomato, some baby cucumber, some avocado chunks and an orange.

For me I made a big salad covered in creamy tahini dressing.

I’ve been experimenting with eating tons of raw food lately and I am totally loving it. It sounds so cliche, but I can’t believe how good I feel. In fact, I just went absolutely crazy and bought a high-speed blender and a dehydrator. I’ll let you know how they go soon.

For dinner we had (mostly) raw miso soup (recipe to follow). To be honest I was surprised by how good it tasted and how filing it was. Next time, however, I will chop up my mushrooms a little smaller so that they can absorb more flavour.